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Hello Everyone - We are pleased to bring you Aqua Eden's first newsletter!  Over the past year we have conducted waterscape seminars in Faribault, Owatonna, Waseca and Northfield. We have also had displays at the Steele County Fair, Owatonna Home and Garden Show, Faribault Home Show, and Faribault Ace Hardware.  At all of these pond events, we have had a sign-up sheet for our upcoming newsletter.  We also have an ONLINE NEWSLETTER Sign-up form on our website.  I understand some people have signed up awhile ago and I wanted to make sure that everyone knows where this newsletter is coming from!  We hope you enjoy this newsletter and learn a thing or two!

Jake Langeslag
Aqua Eden

Upcoming Events:

Minnesota's First Ever Koi Show!

Upper Midwest Koi Club Logo

The Upper Midwest koi Club is proud to host this FREE show open to the public. The art of growing and showing koi is a fast spreading hobby in the water world. Fish from all ends of the color spectrum will be entered in over 30 display tanks. Pond and koi vendors will also be on hand to showcase some of the latest technologies in the industry. There will also be FREE koi health seminars going on during the show. This exciting new event is bound to be both educational and fun!
Dates & Times:

  • August 3rd (Friday) from 5pm - 9pm
  • August 4th (Saturday) from 9am - 5pm
  • August 5th (Sunday) from 10am - 3pm


Bachman's Lyndale,
6010 Lyndale Ave,
Minneapolis, MN 55419

*Note* Jake Langeslag will be at the show all 3 days showcasing his new Pond Vision™ Underwater Camera Systems for Ponds. Be sure to stop by his display and say hello!

Steele Country Free Fair 2007

Upper Midwest Koi Club Logo

We had so much fun at last year's Steele County Fair that we have decided to come back again this year. We will be located in the same location as last year (across from the Camel Rides). We will again utilize the slopping hill on the backside of the race track for a disappearing pondless waterfall. We will also have experts from Church and Story Landscaping and McKay Nursery on hand to answer questions about terrestrial plantings. Stop by to learn why FALL is one of the best time of year to start perennial plants and install water features! The fair theme for this year is "A Taste of Heaven in 2007". Let us help you create a little piece of heaven in your own backyard!

Dates & Times:

  • August 14 (Tuesday): 5pm-10:30pm
  • August 15, 16, 19 (Wednesday, Thursday, & Sunday): 11am-10:30pm
  • August 17-18 (Friday & Saturday): 11am-11:30pm


Steele County Fair Grounds,
1525 S. Cedar Ave,
Owatonna, MN 55060

Click Here to see Pictures from Last Year's show!

Aqua Eden Moonlight Pond and Waterfall Tour™!

Moonlight Pond and Waterfall Tour™

We are excited to announce Aqua Eden's first ever local Pond & Waterfall Tour! Each year we travel up to the Twin Cities Pond & Landscape Tour and we have a blast! It is always exciting to get ideas for our own yards and to learn more about ponds and waterfalls in Minnesota. However, one complaint we often hear about the Twin Cities Pond Tour is that it is too far away, during the hottest days of the year, and is during the busy summer season when everyone is gone on vacation!

We have decided to try something new - A Moonlight Pond Tour in September. Hopefully the temperatures will be a little cooler and people will be home from vacation. Additionally, being that it is a local tour, a lot of long distance driving will not be needed to see many amazing water features!
Further Details about this exciting Moonlight Pond & Waterfall Tour event (such as the date and time) will be coming in the next few weeks!


Aqua Eden Team to Build Waterfall and Pond for Westin Hotel in Savannah, Georgia!

This year's national pond and waterfall expo event (called Pondapalooza) will be held in Savannah, Georgia. This is where the waterscape worlds come together from pond contractors, waterfall and pond supply vendors, koi breeders, aquatic plant growers and scientists to share the latest in technologies and techniques in waterscape design and installation. Aqua Eden will be working with of some of the best pond and waterfall installers in the country! We will be working on a large scale pond with multiple waterfalls for the Westin Hotel Golf Course and Spa. In addition to this pond construction event we will also come home with:

  • Learn about the Latest Technologies to hit the water gardening market, helping us make having a waterfall and pond even a more enjoyable experience.
  • Firestone Rubber Liner Certification — Allowing us to provide even longer warrantees on liner and help us tackle some of the more advanced rubber pond design applications.
  • Koi & Pond Fish Wetlabs — We will be taking hands-on classes along side some of the best koi vets in the US. This will help us troubleshoot and treat some of the most common koi and pond fish problems.
  • Water Quality Labs — These labs will give us even more insight on how to manage water quality in ponds and waterfalls.
  • And Much More!

Upper Midwest Koi Club Logo

Pond Plant of the Month

Parrot's Feather (myriophyllum aquaticum): Every pond owner can appreciate Parrot's Feather. This simple little plant can benefit your pond in many ways because it adds oxygen to your pond, will uptake nutrients that otherwise may be used by algae, and provides a spawning medium for koi and goldfish.

Planting Instructions: Parrots Feather is extremely versatile. You can either plant it in a pot 3" to 12" below the water surface, or you can simply allow it to float on top of the water. As it grows you may break off the tips and place them in the water. They will quickly grow roots and continue to spread.

Note — If you use the "floating method" you may want to secure the plant to the side of the pond with fishing line or pinch some of the roots under a rock. This will prevent the Parrots Feather from floating into your skimmer box.

Hardiness: Zone 6 — it can be easily overwintered in a bowl of water located by a sunny window. No soil is required. Just remember to add small amounts of water-soluble fertilizers from time to time.

Sun Requirements: Full-sun to partial shade.

For more pictures of Parrot's Feather check out our Pond Plant section of our Photo Gallery

Aqua Eden Pond & Waterfall Supply Exchange

We are starting to approach the season when our ponds and waterfalls are in prime condition. Crystal-clear water, plants spreading by the day, and fish doubling in size. Some smaller ponds may start to get overgrown with a few of the same types of plants or fish schools that are too large for their environment. For the overall health of the ecosystem it is best to thin some of these items out (in a humane way if possible). Also, you may like to try some new plants to get a different look in and around your pond.

We have decided to try a different concept on our ONLINE FORUM of our website - Allowing people to post extra items that they may want to sell, trade or give away free if they receive a nice home. Some good potential items may include: Fish (such as Koi or Goldfish), Water Plants (such as Water Hyacinth or Water Lettuce), Terrestrial Plants (such as ground covers or Moss). These are just a few examples of the many options that could become available.

Log on to our Free Online Pond Forum today and start posting some of your requests!

In the Next Newsletter

In the next newsletter we will cover:

  • Full Report on Pondapalooza
  • Moonlight Pond Tour Details
  • And Much More!

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