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Koi for Christmas!
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Author:  Jake Langeslag [ Thu Jan 04, 2007 3:00 am ]
Post subject:  Koi for Christmas!

I received a very unique gift this Christmas... A live Japanese imported TANCHO KOI! Before I received the fish I was told to jump in the truck and try to guess what the present would be. I had no clue what was going on the entire time that we drove to the Twin Cities. We then ended up at the airport and it wasn't until I saw the signs for "Air Mail" that I finally realized that it must be something that is alive. The koi company did not want to risk putting the fish into a cold UPS truck to get to my house so we had to pick it up at the airport. I could hardly wait to get the fish home and put it in my office aquarium! :lol: The Tancho was hand fed so he is not shy at all when it comes to feeding time... I love the feeling of his little suction mouth on my fingers.

What a wonderful Christmas surprise :!:

Author:  Amanda Lawson [ Sat Jan 06, 2007 3:47 am ]
Post subject:  Tancho Koi

That's great that you enjoyed your Christmas surprise! The tancho koi will be an awesome addition to your pond...Have fun!

Author:  mnpilot [ Fri Feb 02, 2007 5:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Good things do come from flying lol!

Do you have any pics of your new fish! Also could you cut and paste the article from the Daily News! Thanks

Author:  Jake Langeslag [ Sat Feb 03, 2007 1:25 am ]
Post subject: 

Hey mnpilot -

Here is a picture of Lox


The Faribault Daily News has rights on the article. I can not post the entire thing on the website. However, if you email me at I can send you the file in an attachment. I will send the article your way!

Take care :D ,

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