Cleaning filter media properly and restoring good bacteria?

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Cleaning filter media properly and restoring good bacteria?

Post by oubrekm »

I have been cleaning the filter-pads by spraying with a water hose about once every 10-14 days, and there usually seems to be 10-20% of the bottom pad starting to get caked-up with sludge (and good bacteria I'm sure) – should I clean it more often?

Should I continue cleaning all the filter media at once (both pads and my bio-blox bag)?

Should I add beneficial bacteria to my pond each time I clean the filter?
Kent Oubre
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Jake Langeslag
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Hello -

It is good to clean your filter pads to remove the sludge that can clog the fitler. It will also allow your beneficial bacteria to work on the "water clarity" and not the sludge.

I usually recommend that you backflush or clean you filter pads twice a month. Be sure to clean your fitler pads in a quick manner where they do not stay out of the oxygen-rich water for too long. Beneficial Bacteria need oxygen to survive and you could be killing them if you leave your pads out of water for more than an hour.

I always add beneficial bacteria after I deep-clean my fitler to help keep it working efficently.
Jake Langeslag

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