The Greatest Pond Builder Ever!

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The Pond Digger
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The Greatest Pond Builder Ever!

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This season I attended the AquaShow convention where I met up with Anthony Archer-Wills. My inspiration to attend the AquaShow, which is a pool and spa expo, was because AAW was scheduled to speak on water gardens.

Who is Anthony Archer-Wills anyway and why was I inspired to go see this water garden expert?


Anyone that has been in the waterscapes business that long, had to have a wealth of information to share and I wasn't about to miss out on the opportunity to sit in on a couple of his pond and water garden related seminars and get the chance to meet him.

I have to tell you that I was rocked back on my heels by his presentations! Anthony Archer-Wills delivered in a huge way! AAW's experiences and workmanship was absolutely, extraordinary!

Just short of being a stalker, I followed Anthony Archer-Wills around for two days! I had many opportunities to ask him questions about ponds and the history of water gardens and took full advantage of my time with him. Anthony if you read this post, I certainly hope I wasn't a pest!

I have TEN PAGES OF NOTES from his presentations and my time stalking him, that I will organize, elaborate on and then post on our website for all to learn from.

If you are ever lucky enough to have the opportunity to hear Anthony Archer-Wills speak, whether you are just getting started in the hobby or a veteran pond builder you will be amazed! I highly recommend it!

Eric Triplett
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Jake Langeslag
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Thanks Pond Digger

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Hey Pond Digger -
Thats for the great information about AAW! I can't wait to read his new book on pond design. His water features are amazing!
Jake Langeslag

"Creating Waterscape Paradises"
Faribault, Minnesota
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