Pond Liner & Underlayment

Firestone Pond Liner

We sell Firestone Pond Liner!

Our Professional Pond Construction Crew, The Pond Diggers® only install .45 Mil EPDM Fish Safe Firestone Rubber Liner. Don't settle for anything less than a .45 mil, 20 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty pond liner. The important thing is that your ponds liner comes with a MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY rather than an individual companies warranty.

Pond Guard liner is manufactured and backed by "Firestone" and is considered by the top pond designers and installers as the "#1 Pond Liner Brand"! This high quality tear and puncture resistant .45 mil EPDM liner is perfect for pond construction, stream construction, and pondless waterfall construction. Never settle for second best when it comes to the membrane that is responsible for keep in your pond water tight and ultimately, your fish safe!

To estimate and figure your pond liner size: Take your measurements: Maximum width, Maximum length and Maximum depth. Then take your maximum depth and multiply this number by 2. Take this figure and add 2 for your overhang (This includes 1' for each side multiplied by 2).

Now take your total and add to your maximum width and add the same number to your maximum length. You will most likely need to round up to match one on the pre-cut liner sizes.

Here is an example: Maximum width of your excavated pond= 5' Maximum length of your excavated pond= 10' and Maximum depth of your excavated pond = 2.5' (2 x's 2.5' = 5' + 2 = 7) (7 + 5 = 12' width) (7 + 10 = 17' length) So you will need a pond liner close to 12' x 17' and the closest precut size would be 15' x 20'. You could also back fill, re-measure and see if you can get your measurements to 10' x 15'.