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Pond Vision™ Video Samples

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Pond Vision™ Underwater Camera Kits

Pond Vision Underwater CameraWe are proud to introduce the first ever Pond Vision™ Underwater Camera for your backyard pond or waterfall! Aqua Eden has teamed up with Aqua-Vu™ to provide an exciting way to enjoy your pond, waterfall, or stream. These new underwater camera kits capture spectacular views of goldfish, koi, wild birds and other pond life. This exciting pond and waterfall show can all be viewed on the television inside of your home!

Unlike other underwater camera brands, these underwater cameras are made for the outdoors. Pond vision is designed to operate at temperatures from - 40 F to 120 F! You can also take Pond Vision out of the water and watch vibrantly colored wild birds drink from your waterfall or stream!

Pond Vision systems can also be purchased with an optional digital file recorder. This exciting new feature allows for the ability to capture some amazing underwater videos or still images. These underwater digital files will easily be shared with family and friends!

People in harsh climates such as cold Minnesota winters, or hot Florida summers, have traditionally believed that their pond enjoyment was put on hold during these times. Not anymore!  With Pond Vision Underwater Cameras Kits you can watch Koi fish, wild birds, and other pond life all year long!

Various ways you can use Pond Vision

Pond Vision for Koi and Fish Enjoyment

Koi Underwater View

Would you like a whole new way in which to view your koi and other fish? Pond Vision is the answer. Think of your television screen as an indoor aquarium without the water or the mess! Now you can watch your koi and other fish swirl around your pond as you wash dishes!

Pond Vision Underwater Cameras Kits also allow you to monitor your koi fish behavior and health. You can now watch your fish spawn or keep a sharp eye out for any sick or injured fish. Some models of the Pond Vision Camera come with a built in temperature sensor to monitor your ponds temperature. This will become critical in cold and hot climates, where temperature extremes can kill your fish and other pond life.

Pond Vision works great in ponds covered with ice. Simply insert the underwater camera though the hole in the ice created from a floating de-icer or aerator. No Ice chisel or AUGER is needed!

Pond Vision for Wild Bird Watching

Bird watching camera

When birds use your backyard pond or waterfall, it is often only a matter of seconds before they retreat into the thick foliage. It is safe to say thousands of birds pass your backyard each year without ever being noticed. With Pond Vision Cameras you can now see many of the birds you have been missing.

Simply point the camera in an area of heavy bird traffic in your Pond, Waterfall or Stream and begin recording. The birds will not even know they are being watched! Pond Vision is great for capturing footage of rare birds or birds in which you are having a difficult time identifying. With the simple press of a button, you will now have digital videos or still images from which you can show your fellow bird watching friends for help in identification!

Pond Vision for Other Pond Life

Birds and Koi Fish are not the only things you can enjoy with Pond Vision. You can also watch other pond life such as your pet turtles, frogs, squirrels and the list goes on and on! You never know what might show up at your pond or waterfall. You will now be ready to record the unexpected!

Pond Vision also supplies an additional line of security for your pond, waterfall or stream. Now you may be able to catch a Great-blue Heron or Raccoon red handed as they try to feast on your koi or goldfish!

How to Buy Pond Vision

Pond Vision Underwater Cameras come in many forms to fit your special needs. There are two main forms of Underwater Camera Kits - (1) Pre-made Underwater Camera Kits or (2) Custom Underwater Camera Kits.

1. Pre-made Underwater Camera Kits

Underwater Camera Kit

These kits are already pre-assembled. All have different features depending on the kit. Some of the differences include cable length, screen viewing size and color, built in underwater camera lights, and many other features. It is best to see our Underwater Camera Comparison Page to see a comparison table of these kits. The advantage to these types of underwater camera kits is that they are already assembled and ready to ship, meaning you will get your camera faster. However, some home owners require longer camera cable length or would like to have a larger viewing screen, which requires a Custom Underwater Camera Kit.

2. Custom Underwater Camera Kits

These kits are built to your exact specifications. You simply tell us how many feet of cable you will need, what type of camera and whether you want lights built into the camera. The advantage to this system is that you can build a camera that is to your exact specifications. Another advantage is that this kit allows you to view your video on a larger indoor television screen more easily. Since these Underwater Camera Kits are built custom to your specifications, they do require a bit more time to ship to you.

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