Privacy Policy

Aqua Eden does not distribute, sell, share information any of your personal information including e-mail addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers, or credit card information to any third-party without your strict consent. All your confidential information is securely encrypted among a secure database as of your purchase information. Your personal information is transferred using a "SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption" to prevent any type of third-party access to it as you send it to our website.

At times we may collect information about your visit for usage statistics and in case of any of abuse and/or spamming of the Aqua Eden website and services. Some of the information that is collected to prevent spamming include: IP address (not your mailing or e-mail address), browser/user-agent type, what website brought you to the Aqua Eden website, and when you accessed a page.

Any excessive abuse to the website will result in an IP Address banning and your ISP (Internet Service Provided) will be notified. Abuse would qualify as an attempted "SQL Injections", floods, DDoS (Destructive Denial of Service), attacks, abusive media on the forum (check the rules on the forum for further detail), sending spamming to any member of Aqua Eden, registering multiple non-existent e-mail address for the newsletter, and attempting anything listed above to any of our affiliate's/associate's websites as well.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or need any assistance then please contact us by e-mailing or by contacting us on our forum.

Word Definitions:

Secure Socket Layer:

A secure method for sending information between a customer's computer and the website. It encrypts (or 'scrambles') the data so that any computer in between the website and the customer's computer can't understand it, thus any hacker cannot steal that personal information that is coming from the customer's computer unless if the customer has any additional spyware or malware (malicious software) on their computer. You can tell if it is operating through an SSL by looking at the address bar at the top, 'http://' means its unsecured (default), and 'https://' means that it is secured. It is only necessary to be operating on a secure connection when you are at the form where you input your information. Always remember to check for malware/viruses on your computer to prevent identity theft. The most common trusted brands for anti-spyware/anti-virus software are Norton, McAfee, and Microsoft.

IP Address:

Every computer on the internet has an IP address. An IP address is like your phone number, you use it to contact other computers as well as for computers to contact you. An IP address is a small series of numbers that tell what directions it has to take to reach your computer. For example, when you dial a phone number out of your area you first dial "1" meaning that your call is in the United States, next you dial "507" meaning that the phone number you are calling is in the southern Minnesota area. The same is with your IP address. People can use this number for finding and alerting a spammer's Internet Service Provider.


 A company, group, or person that isn't directly associated or affiliated with a company of any type of production.

Internet Service Provider (ISP):

 The company a consumers pays for internet service. Some examples would include Charter, Vonage, LocalLink, any many more. Most ISPs have a spam/abuse policy where they will stop providing service to you for a period of time or forever which is resulted from posting abusive content on a website or for attempted to hack or attack a website/database.