The Goat Wrangler and Pondologist in One!

The Blogs New Make Over!  

After a few years of idle time its time for me to get back into blogging!  Video has been my primary way to communicate (hence all the videos on my YouTube Channel @Pondologist).  However, I realize my followers also enjoy the good old fashioned typed up form!  I also plan to add some podcasts into the mix as well.  I find myself getting asked a lot of questions about water features and the process of goat rental services for my other company called Goat Dispatch.

I will have both Aqua Eden and Goat Dispatch link to this blog page vs doing different blog pages for each site.

I still need to do a spam update for the comments, its shows I have 82,000 comments since my last post.  Hopefully this will help me to find the real actual comments vs the spam ones.

Cheers and It’s good to be back!

Jake – The Goat Wrangling Pondologist!