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Disappearing Pond-less Stream

Aqua Eden specializes in creating and maintaining natural-looking ponds, waterfalls, streams and fountains. Our pond contractor professionals will fully install your own backyard water sanctuary. We provide service to Central and Southern Minnesota including Faribault, Owatonna, Northfield, Rochester, Mankato, Lakeville, Red Wing, and surrounding cities. We are also willing to travel farther distances depending on the scope and timing of the project.

Our company has been very fortunate to be recognized for our water art. Aqua Eden was selected as “Minnesota‘s Leading Waterscape Professional” in a nationally published high-end coffee table book entitled “Perspectives on Design — Minnesota‘s Leading Professionals.” We have also appeared on the national television show called “Sweat Equity,” where homeowners look for ways to add equity to their homes.

We also provide “contractor grade” waterscape products that can withstand harsh environments via our website or color catalog. Most of these items we have tested in the field and we can recommend the best product for your application.

Aqua Eden will also be hosting numerous water feature events all around Central and Southern Minnesota including pond tours, build-a-pond events (where you can see firsthand how to correctly install a pond, waterfall and stream), koi seminars and many other various events. We want you to enjoy your water feature investment for many years to come.

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Aqua Eden’s Past to Present

Water is essential for all living things. Jake Langeslag, The owner of Aqua Eden, has always felt an extra strong affinity for water. It may have been a sign of things to come considering the fact that he came close to being born on a lake after a bumpy boat ride. Jake was always the little boy playing in puddles or altering streams produced from the early snow melt in my neighborhood. Through the years he developed a love for wildlife and natural areas.

It was often hard to find natural areas while living in the city. Jake would spend much of his early years at his grandparent’s house in the country. Jake’s favorite part about his grandparent’s property was the large backyard pond. Most of his daily activities related to some aspect of the pond. From installing wood duck nest boxes to planting cattail seeds around the shoreline, he was always trying to improve the quality of the pond. The days spent at my grandparent’s house helped him develop a special fondness for wildlife, especially birds. Jake then decided to purpose a career related to biology.

Jake received a degree in biology/ecology with a minor in chemistry from Minnesota State University, Mankato. While in college he took numerous courses in biology. Some of his favorites included vertebrate and wetland ecology. After graduating with honors from Mankato Jake decided to continue his education with the goal of becoming a professor of ornithology. To help fulfill that goal he acquired more biological research experience at the University of Virginia’s Blandy Experimental Farm / State Arboretum of Virginia. However, the more time he spent around academia, he began to realize that the lifestyle was not for him. Jake decided to change career paths and follow his other childhood dream – the dream of starting his own water landscape business.

As Jake was starting up his business he was very fortunate to cross paths with passionate member of the pond building industry, Eric Triplett. Eric ( AKA ” The Pond Digger™”) has been one of the national leaders in advancing the waterscape industry in a positive direction. Eric has been successfully running his company, Exotic Aquatics, for over 15 years in Redlands, California ( Jake was inspired by the principles in which Eric conducts business from always staying ahead of the next wave of technology to the close relationships he has with his customers. Jake still takes trips out to California during the winter season to spend time working with Eric and his “Pond Digger” crew.

In conclusion, Jake is glad that he made the switch from pursuing a career as a college professor to creating the water garden business of Aqua Eden. He actually feels he has found a way to blend the two careers into one. The difference now becomes the location of the classroom and the type of students. The indoor lecture hall will now become a customer’s outdoor backyard and the students will change from primarily young adults to people of all ages. Managing Aqua Eden has allowed him to stay within the ecological umbrella and will ultimately give him the satisfaction in knowing that the ponds, waterfalls and fountains that Aqua Eden creates will be beneficial to the environment and relaxing to the customer.