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How to Winterize a Disappearing Pondless Waterfall or Stream

Russell Watergardens® Hydro Vortex system™

Winterizing your disappearing waterfall system has never been easier.
The Russell Watergardens Hydro Vortex™ system comes
standard with an additional drain line.  This important feature allows for
fast and easy winterization of your water feature.  The entire process
takes only 15-30 minutes!

  1. Turn off the pump
  2. Open the drain valve on the Russell Watergardens Hydro
    Vortex Filter™ (Leave valve in the “open” position).  Leave the filter
    media, and grate inside the filter. (If fir or pine trees are near
    your filter you may want to cover the Hydro Vortex Filter with netting or
    plastic to prevent the needles from falling inside).

    Draining the Hydro Vortex Filter

  3. Locate the lid of the disappearing pondless waterfall
    pump chamber by removing the thin layer of rocks.  Now Remove lid bolts and detach lid.  Try to prevent rocks from
    falling inside of pump chamber once the lid has been removed to access the

    Removing the Pond-free pump chamber lid

  4. Detach the pump by unlatching the Gator Lock™ fitting
    from the plumbing line. This will allow the water in the plumbing lines to
    drain and will prevent them from freezing and cracking.

    Detaching the waterfall pump

  5. Take the pump out of the disappearing pondless waterfall pump chamber and store in a bucket of water in a location that does not freeze.
    The water will prevent the rubber seals from drying and cracking.

    The pump all ready for winter

  6. Place lid back on the pump chamber.  Hide the lid by covering it back up with a thin layer of rocks.
    This will make sure your new “dry creek bed” still looks nice until spring

    Placing lid on pond-free pump chamber

  7. You are now finished!
    Your next step is to kick back, relax, and start dreaming about next spring!

    Dreaming of waterfalls