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Helix Life Support

Helix Pond Filtration systems represent the next wave of innovative technology for the pond, waterfall and fountain experience.  Aqua Eden is excited to be an authorized dealer of this revolutionary product line.  We firmly believe that this product line will dramatically change the way in which we interact with our water features.

Helix Pond Skimmer

Helix Pond Skimmer

Over the past few seasons we have put this equipment through some intense Minnesota style weather extremes.  Our winters can be GAME OVER for many brands of pond supplies and equipment, but not the HELIX brand!  Like many Minnesotans, this pond filtration brand take a beating in the winter!  However, when spring rolls around, we are all ready to enjoy another tranquil waterscape season without missing a beat!


Check out the Helix Pond Design Guide!

Helix Pond Design PDF

Complete Guide To Pond Design


Helix Pond and Waterfall Filtration Systems

We are currently working on getting our entire pond filtration line loaded to the online store ready for the 2015 season.  In the mean time check out these YouTube Videos that highlight some of the benefits of the Helix Line.

Pond Skimmer Video – How to clean a Helix Pond Skimmer in a Heavy Leaf Load Situation

Winter Koi Pond Management with a Chainsaw (Shows a Helix Pond Skimmer in Action)

Attracting Birds to your pond in winter (Shows a Helix Pond Skimmer in Action)