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Owatonna Home and Garden Show Indoor Pond Display

We thoroughly enjoyed our first trip to the Owatonna Home and Garden Show. Many people were amazed that our pond and waterfall installation crew would go through all of the hard work to build a life-size pond and waterfall for the 3-day Owatonna Home show. When you love building ponds and waterfalls, how much work it will takes is not always the first thought that comes to mind. It brought us great joy to see how excited people (especially young children) would become once they realized that the pond was filled with colorful koi and goldfish.

Water Feature Reflections

The Owatonna Home and Garden Show allowed us to meet many existing pond and waterfall lovers. The majority of backyard pond and waterfalls were not up and running yet during the show. It was fun to reflect back to last season and share stories with people had about their own backyard waterscape.

Many do-it-yourself pond owners we met were having a little trouble with their pond design and pond water quality. We hoped that the pond advice and tips we shared will give these struggling folks the knowledge they need to turn their backyard pond from a burden back to a blessing. For those of you that would still like some more advice for your pond, join our POND FORUM and start asking questions today!

Creating a Waterscape Paradise Seminar

We were both privileged and honored when the Owatonna Home and Garden Show staff asked us to give an on-stage seminar at the show on water landscaping. This allowed us to cover a vast amount of information such as the types of water features, equipment used in pond and waterfall construction, pond and waterfall design tips and common myths associated with having a backyard pond and waterfall. The large color projection screen also allowed us to share some of our favorite pond and waterfall pictures. We hope that our advice from this waterscape seminar will help people have a positive experience when they decide to install a pond or waterfall in their backyard.

How long did this Pond and Waterfall Display take to build and how did you do it?

This was by far the number one question that we received during the Owatonna Home and Garden Show. It took us about 2 days to complete with a lot of help from many kind people. We took numerous step by step photos during the Owatonna pond and waterfall construction. Some of our favorites are shown below and our Owatonna Pond and Waterfall Picture and Video Page.

Before Pond & Waterfall Installation

During Pond & Waterfall Installation

After Pond & Waterfall Installation

We would like to personally thank all of the wonderful people that made this project a success including: The KOWZ Radio and Owatonna four-seasons building staff (who were extremely accommodating), Custom Precast and Masonry from Faribault, MN (for donating the eye-catching stack stone), and Joshua Shaw from Maximum Masonry (for helping us carry the concrete block and boulders). Without all of you this pond and waterfall project would have not been such a huge success.