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Pond Construction 101

Franklin Elementary School received a hands-on lesson in pond building. Pond construction companies, Aqua Eden™ and The Pond Diggers™ helped students install a disappearing pondless waterfall at their school. The disappearing waterfall is ideally suited for the school setting, offering a durable, low maintenance, low liability water feature.

The pond for school event allows local students to learn the basics of waterfall and pond construction. Students from grades K-6 helped pack soil, move stones, and build the waterfall. Students and teachers stopped though out the day to check on the progress of the water feature. The goal was to have the waterfall and stream complete with running water before the end of the school day. The dedicated pond crew and enthusiastic kids allowed the goal to be met.

Water features for the community

The disappearing pondless waterfall and stream creates the soothing sound a water from which students and faculty can enjoy. This provides a comfortable environment from which students can study in relaxation.

Taking part in the ponds for schools program also allows students to take pride in their local school landscape. Water has the amazing cohesive property that can bring people together from all walks of life. The ponds for schools event provides a great way for students, faculty, and pond contractors to give back to the community and to build a waterscape that will be enjoyed for many for years to come.

Disappearing waterfall or stream at your local school

Would you like Aqua Eden to have their next "Ponds for Schools" event at your school? Do you know of aprincipal, student or teacher that would be interested in this unique water educational event? If your answer is yes, then please contact us.

The Ponds for Schools program has received great reviews from students, faculty, and pond contractors.

"Jake has an amazing talent for creating natural looking waterfalls and streams that most pond contractors take years to achieve. He was fantastic with all of the kids in the Ponds for Schools event! I have no doubt that Aqua Eden will be a leader in his community, educating the public on the benefits and construction techniques of waterscaping!"

– Eric Triplett, The Pond Digger™