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Construction of Backyard Ponds, Waterfalls and Streams

A stream during the daytime

A carefully designed backyard pond, waterfall or stream has a great way in which to bring kids, dogs, couples and neighbors together in a calm relaxing environment in which their relationship and friendship can grow. In the following paragraphs we will describe some ways and reasons in which people can enjoy their backyard waterfall, pond or stream.

Backyard Ponds, Waterfalls and Streams for Kids

The construction of a backyard pond or waterfall can greatly enhance a child’s appreciation for the outdoors.
In today’s high-paced technological society it is often very hard to get children off of the computer much less outside. A backyard pond and waterfall provides a close outdoor classroom from which they can learn all about pond life such as fish, frogs and birds.

A backyard pond and waterfall is the perfect place for children to learn the responsibility of having pets. The nice thing for the parents is that these pets get to be outdoors in the backyard, not inside of the house making a mess. Another nice feature with pets such as koi, goldfish, and frogs is that are extremely adaptable. They will not die if a child forgets to feed them for a few days. They will simply just find food inside of the pond to get them by.

Backyard ponds are generally only 24 inches deep at the maximum to comply with local city codes in Minnesota. This makes backyard ponds a far less liability than a swimming pool. A backyard pond designed with shallow shelves (usually 6-12 inches deep for plants) offer a safe way for a child to crawl out if they ever accidently fall in. If water depth is still a major concern, then a disappearing pondless waterfall may be best suited. In a disappearing pondless waterfall the water depth of the stream stays from 1-4 inches.

Backyard Ponds, Streams and Waterfalls and Ponds for Dogs

Dogs love backyard ponds and waterfalls as much as people do! Many inquisitive future pond owners have expressed concern that their water loving dog will ruin their new backyard waterfall or pond. Some species of dogs, such as black labs, love to get wet. My little Chihuahua even loves to lay in the backyard stream to cool off on a warm summer day. The fact of the matter is that these behaviors will not ruin your backyard waterfall, pond or stream. Occasionally some aquatic plants might get knocked over or broken off, but these efficiently growing plants can use some trimming from time to time. I rarely see a dog actually jump into a backyard pond, usually they wade in the stream or drink from the waterfall, an area in which they can do little damage.

Backyard Waterfalls and Ponds for Couples

A stream at night with underwater pond lights

In today’s busy world it is often hard to spend quality time with your significant other. From teenage lovers all the way to grandparents, all can benefit greatly with their own backyard pond and waterfall. A backyard pond and waterfall paradise gives you a place to get away and not be distracted and allows you to concentrate on each other and not the TV. Not everyone has the time to drive to a local park and hike up to a waterfall. The close proximity of a backyard waterfall or pond provides a place in which a couple can easily slip away to for a few minutes or a few hours.

When it comes to stress, parents have it especially difficult. Often parent couples get so tied up with their children they forget they still need to make time for themselves. Parents with young children also do not have the luxury of being able to up and leave the children behind. This is where a backyard pond and waterfall can be very beneficial. It brings with it a close, relaxing refuge where parents can get away from the stresses of family life, while still being close enough to home to see their child’s bedroom window.

During the summer I am very busy with backyard pond construction, often building backyard ponds and waterfalls late into the evening. When I get home I have a very small window of time before bed in which to catch up with my significant other. A bench located next to my backyard pond and waterfall provides the perfect scene in which we can catch up on each others day. As we watch the fish swim around the crystal clear pond, we become entranced and our cares for the day slowly ripple away. Some days we sit by the backyard pond and waterfall for only a few minutes and some days it is a few hours.
Every moment spent with good company by a beautiful backyard pond and waterfall is time well spent.

Backyard Ponds and Waterfalls for Neighborhoods

A backyard pond and waterfall provides the perfect gathering point for residents in your neighborhood. With the addition of a BBQ grill, a fire pit and maybe an outdoor bar and you have a great backyard entertainment hangout. Neighborhood children can come over to hand-feed the fish while the parents share a cocktail with each other on the deck or patio. The important thing is that it brings neighborhood friends together in the backyard.
You have to be careful with this for your neighbors may get too comfortable and may never want to leave!

Backyard Waterfalls and Ponds for Fire Pits

A backyard pond and waterfall next to a fire pit may be one of the few examples where water and fire are great when mixed together. In our backyard pond and waterfall designs we like to bring the sound of running water to your fire pit area. Once the sun sets and everything is dark, the beautiful glow of the pond and waterfall underwater lights adds a whole new element of relaxation. Finally, the light from the fire reflecting off of the ponds surface is truly amazing!

After the fire and water show from your backyard pond, waterfall or stream, it is now time to set up a tent and camp out in your backyard. With the sound of running water outside of your tent you can just imagine yourself beside a natural woodland stream in Minnesota or beside a babbling brook in the mountains.

The ways in which you can enjoy a backyard waterfall, pond or stream are endless! Whether you have a backyard paradise installed by Aqua Eden’s professional contractors or if you do it yourself, everyone deserves a little water in their backyard.
Your family, friends, neighbors and pets will all be pleased that you did.

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