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Bird Watching with Waterfalls

Blue Jay and Waterfalls - a Minnesota Bird

Blue Jay enjoying double waterfall

Thousands of birds pass through your backyard every year and are never seen. They have no reason to come down out of the thick foliage of the trees. Now many of them have a reason: The sound and sight of moving water can be a virtual magnet for birds. Many people try to attract birds with feeders, but a very small percentage of birds consume seeds. All birds need water. Dark-eyed Junco in Stream
Birdwatchers have known this for years and have added water drippers to their bird baths to attract more birds. Now imagine the power of millions of water droplets crashing around in a waterfall, stream or pond. What do you end up with? The best bird attractor that money can buy!

No birdfeeder or bird bath dripper can come close to attracting the amount of birds a fully functioning water feature can. No longer will many of the vibrantly colored birds such as warblers, orioles and tanagers pass by your yard without being seen. Hermit Thrush at Stream Edge
Aqua Eden can custom design your waterfall, stream or pond to attract a wide array of birds.

We also make sure that the high bird traffic areas of your water feature are easily viewed through the window of your home or from the comfort of a favorite outdoor chair.  Birds are just one of many rewarding benefits of a pond, waterfall or stream.

A note from the owner – Jake Langeslag “The Pondologist” 

 Birds + Waterfalls = 🙂

Robin in Water Feature

Robin drinking from waterfall source

I have always been a long time bird lover. Birds were the reason that I installed my first water feature over 10 years ago.
I started with a kiddy swimming pool that had a small pump shooting water in the middle. Over the years I have added waterfalls and streams to modify the pond and attract as many birds as possible. I now have a fully functioning Russell Watergardens filtration system complete with a 15′ stream, 6 waterfalls and a 11’x13′ pond. My feathered friends and I could not be more pleased. The Russell Watergardens system is extremely easy to maintain, which allows me more time to enjoy my pond and the birds. I watch as birds fly high over my yard only to suddenly drop down into my yard.

Dark-eyed Junco in Stream

Dark-eyed Junco bathing in clear stream

My favorite time of year is the spring and fall bird migration. This is when large migrating flocks of birds such as robins, warblers, thrushes, waxwings and sparrows completely fill the stream and waterfalls. They come down to drink for their long, difficult migration.
It feels good to know that I am helping them re-energize and bathe in the crystal clear water. This is a great time of year to sit by the water feature and take pictures, which I have included on this page.

I encourage anyone who shares this same passion for birds and water to tell me their stories or to send pictures of birds they have had in their own pond, waterfall or stream.

Bird Bath Rock Column Fountain 

One of our favorite easy ways to add water into a landscape for birdwatching is a bird bath rock column fountain.  These waterscapes are super low-maintenance when compared to your standard concrete bird bath!

Top Reasons Bird Bath Fountain Systems Beat out Concrete Bird Baths include:

1.) An Auto-fill valve can be added to the rock column fountain system meaning you won’t have to be outside filling it each day after heavy bird activity.

2.) The source of the water is often 3-5 feet up in the landscape.  This serves the birds up on a pedestal allowing you to more easily see them from multiple viewing areas around your yard and through your window

3.) The natural-looking rock fountain blends perfectly with the organic coating that the water produces and helps make the rock look aged.  The same water in a formal bird bath often looks messy or dirty.

4.) You get way more bird attracting sound with a Rock Column Bird Bath!

Let Aqua Eden professionally install a bird bath rock fountain for you get one of our kits and install your own!  For the Do-it-yourself type – Check out this four-part Bird Bath water fountain Tutorial Video my friend “The Pond Digger” created: