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Indoor Pond and Waterfall Construction and Design, Water Feature Displays

Minnesota Indoor Waterfall

The Ponds and Waterfalls we install do not always have to be outdoors. With careful pond and waterfall design, these water paradises can also be enjoyed indoors. We like to think of these projects as indoor aquariums without the glass!

Aqua Eden provides custom indoor pond and waterfall construction for homes and businesses. Some ideal locations for indoor water feature installation include: landscape nurseries, restaurants, waiting rooms, department stores, day spas, shopping malls, golf course clubhouses, and pet shops.

Indoor Water Features for Customer Enjoyment

A child watching Koi

Water is a natural relaxing agent. The installation of a pond or waterfall will go a long way in helping you improve customer satisfaction. The time customers spend waiting for your services will now seem to fly by as they become entranced by the sound of a waterfall or koi fish swirling around in the pond.

Water Features are also a natural human attractant. Even the slightest sound of running water can cause curious customers to come in and investigate. Use this natural instinct to your advantage as a way to draw more customers to your place of business and keep them coming back.

Indoor Ponds and Waterfalls Add Excitement All Year Long

Pond lovers in the Southern part of the United States are fortunate in that they can have outdoor ponds and waterfalls running all year long. This is not the case in many northern States such as North and South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Harsh winter weather conditions make it very difficult to enjoy running water year-round. Many residents become trapped indoors dreaming of warm weather paradises. An indoor water feature provides the perfect cure for cabin fever.

Indoor Pond and Waterfall Maintenance

Minnesota Indoor Pond

Indoor Ponds and Waterfalls do require some maintenance, but not as much as you may think. Many of the outdoor backyard pond and waterfall filtration systems work just as good, if not better indoors. Sunlight, predators, and falling leaves are all less of a concern indoors.

Aqua Eden will educate your employees on how easy it is to properly maintain your water feature. We also provide indoor pond and waterfall maintenance services to keep your water paradise looking amazing!

For more information on the indoor ponds and waterfalls that Aqua Eden can provide, please CONTACT US, or set up a POND DESIGN CONSULTATION today!