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Lori Mosby Photography Studio Waterfall and Pond Lakeville, Minnesota

Pond and Waterfall Built in Lakeville, MNThis large-scale waterfall and pond project installed by Aqua Eden at the Lori Mosby Photography is an absolute must see. Over 10,000 gph of water are flowing over this waterfall and stream into a 750 square foot pond. The water appears as it is naturally twisting and turning its way through a Lakeville, Minnesota deciduous forest.
This Waterfall and Pond is open for viewing! This one-of-a-kind waterscape is located just outside of Lakeville, MN and is only minutes off of Interstate 35W.
      Aqua Eden was excited about this new and challenging waterfall pond project. In the following paragraphs we will take you on a Pond and Waterfall Construction Photo Tour of the Lori Mosby Photography Studio Project.

Lakeville, MN Pond and Waterfall Project – The Beginning

Curtain Waterfall built in Lakeville, MNWaterfalls and ponds are getting popular with all different age groups, one of which happens to be teenagers. Lori Mosby Photography studio (located in Lakeville, Minnesota) realized that many graduating seniors wanted their graduation pictures taken by a waterfall or koi pond. They also realized that few people have the time to hike to a naturally occurring waterfall in the Lakeville, Minnesota area.
The team from Lori Mosby photography went on a search to find a waterfall and pond construction company that specialized in natural looking water features. They spent hours driving around the Twin Cities looking at numerous pond and waterfall displays, finding nothing that suited their taste. They then came and met Aqua Eden in Faribault, Minnesota and their search was over.

Lakeville, MN Pond and Waterfall Construction – Site Selection

On-site Consultation - Lakeville, MinnesotaJust as nobody wants to show up to prom with the same dress, nobody wants to have identical senior pictures. This waterfall and pond landscape had to include multiple different camera angles from which to take pictures of graduating seniors next to the waterfall or pond.
When the experts from Aqua Eden were trying to select a location from which to build the waterfall and pond, one location was screaming Install a
Waterfall here! This location had a beautiful backdrop of a natural woods, a good amount of slope, and a semi level area on the bottom for a pond. This location also received enough sun from which to grow beautiful water plants. This area also is one of the first scenes you see as you drive into the driveway and yet still close enough to enjoy from the house.

Lakeville, MN Pond and Waterfall Construction – Excavation

Pond Excavator on-site in Lakeville

Excavation of Pond – MN

Lakeville, MN Pond and Waterfall Construction – Liner Installation
Liner Installation Lakeville Minnesota

Setting the liner – Minnesota Style!

Lakeville, MN Pond and Waterfall Construction – Rock Placement
Setting Boulders in pond

Pondologist setting large boulders in Lakeville, Minnesota

Lakeville, MN Pond and Waterfall Construction – Final Pictures
Waterscape Scene - Lakeville, MN

Waterfall, Stream and Pond Construction – Lakeville, Minnesota

Waterfalls and Drift wood - MN

Waterfalls – Photography in Lakeville

Small waterfall - Lakeville MN

Small Waterfall Elements

Wood Waterfall - MN

Natural Wood Waterfall in Lakeville

If you would like to set-up and on-site visit to view this Pond Waterfall and Stream in Lakeville, MN then Click Here to Contact Us!