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Owatonna Minnesota Steele County Fair Waterfall Display

Aqua Eden was excited to be at the Steele County Free Fair located in Owatonna, Minnesota.
We installed a disappearing waterfall and stream. The Aqua Eden staff wanted to show customers exactly what a disappearing waterfall would look like in their own backyard. Often a water feature such as this is hard to describe with pictures. We wanted customers to feel and hear the power of fast moving water and to see the soft, soothing glow of underwater lights behind the waterfalls.

Waterfall Display

Display pond at the Steele County Fair

The display waterfall at the Owatonna Steele County Fair was a huge success. We were fortunate to be able to talk to thousands of people about the joy of having a waterfall or pond in their own yard. We enjoyed answering the many questions we received throughout the week. We also would like to thank the many enthusiastic people that would stop by numerous times throughout the fair to share stories of their own ponds and waterfalls. Their stories made some of the long 12 hour days feel like just minutes.

Aqua Eden was able to learn many things from our customers at the fair. One aspect we were able to witness first hand was the amazing magnetic affect that a water feature can have on people of all ages. Hundreds of little children would drag their parents over yelling, "Mommy/Daddy, look at the pretty waterfall!" Teenagers would walk by and say, "That's cool" to their friends. Older couples would stop and rest on our bench by the waterfall and become completely entranced by the water.

We were able to witness how a well crafted waterfall can bring joy to people from all walks of life. We are committed to helping people bring a pond or waterfall to their own backyard. We hope to be able to return to the Owatonna Steele County Fair in 2007. Below are some of our favorite moments from the waterfall display
from 2006.

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Waterfall and Lights
Waterfall and Stream
Disappearing Waterfall Display
Owatonna Waterfall Display