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New Aqua Eden Office

We are pleased to announce our newly remodeled office! This new interactive
home office will allow us to help serve you even better in a fun and exciting
new way!  Come see our latest pond installation and water feature
maintenance supplies, our new koi fish aquarium, a screen which displays
waterscape presentations and live underwater camera video from our new Pond
Vision™ system.  This camera sends video images from our backyard waterfall
and pond!  We test all of our new pond care products in this water feature
as well as display several different kinds of underwater lights. We feel the
best way to describe our products is for you to see it in action! 

Pond Supplies and Information

Pond Installation Supplies

We now have a complete line of pond installation supplies at our office.
Some of these water feature products include: biological waterfall filters, pond and waterfall submersible pumps,
pond skimmer units, and waterfall and pond underwater lighting.
This new display allows us to show you each how each one of the water feature components work.
We also carry many other brands of biological waterfall filters and pond skimmers.
We can then suggest the best water landscaping system for your application.

Pond Maintenance Supplies

We also have various pond maintenance supplies on hand.
Some of these products include, cold and warm weather beneficial bacteria to help your biological waterfall filter,
pond alagae removers, and other environmentally safe chemicals to help keep your pond, waterfall or stream looking clean!

125 Gallon Fish Aquarium for Koi

Koi Aquatic Plant Testing

This new fish aquarium is where Lox the tancho koi lives.
Lox, is a Japanese imported koi and Aqua Eden’s official mascot.
He loves to be hand-fed and we use him to test new aquatic plants for the pond.
Before we start to put a particular species of aquatic plants in our water feature,
we first place a small test amount in the fish aquarium to see if Lox makes a tasty snack out of it.
We are currently trying to find varieties of pond plants that koi do not like to eat.

Hand-fed Koi

Lox loves to be hand-fed.
We invite anyone to come by and feel Lox nibble at your fingers as you feed him!

Water Feature Presentation Screen

Custom Water Feature Presentations

Our new office television screen will help us display pictures, diagrams and information in a way that is easier to understand.
Whether you need a pond or waterfall quote, advice on how to install a pond or waterfall, or a tutorial of our online store, all of this can be displayed in full color on this viewing screen.

Pond Vision™ Videos

In the very near future this screen will display our newest custom pond vision camera images for our backyard waterfall and pond!
Come watch as wild birds take a bath in the stream or see koi swirl about the pond.
All of this will be in full color and LIVE!

Make an Office Appointment Today!

We are often out of the office building ponds and waterfalls , giving pond installation seminars, conducting design consultations and many other Aqua Eden tasks.
We would love to have you stop by our office, but please call us at 507-333-5959 or email us at to set up an office appointment.
That way we can be sure not to miss you!  Also, if we know what you are looking for we can be sure to provide the necessary information you need upon your arrival.